Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A few nights ago, I walked into Wal-Mart. I was alone. This is most unusual for me, as someone always wants to get out of the house, even if it just to go to Wal-Mart. However, I was alone.

I walked in, and I was overcome with grief, missing Andrew. It was not an anniversary of any kind. It was not Andrew's birthday. There was not a little boy that reminded me of him. I did not see any of Andrew's high school friends. There was no explanation for my grief. Well, no explanation, except for the fact, that in my chest, I carry a broken heart. But I still didn't understand why now? Why am I sad now?

I wandered aimlessly through the aisles. I already had the few items I had come for, and a few more (as is always the case at Wal-Mart). But I continued to wander as if I was searching for the one thing to cease the pain.

Floods of emotion continued to consume me, as if in waves. I would feel the tide roll in. I was quick though. A few deep breaths, and I could hold it back. I did not want to become a sobbing mess in the electronics department. So with deep breaths, and deep concentration, I was able to control the storm.

I found myself in front of the books. This is rediculous, because I do not like to read. I am a slow reader, and my mind wanders. In school I always tried to get by, reading just the cliff notes.

And yet, I have a compulsion to read. All of a sudden, I have 5 books on my list.

This may seem small and insignificant, but at this very moment I have the overwhelming desire to become actively engaged in my life. Standing there in Wal-Mart, I want to read, write, speak, serve, enjoy... LIVE! Goals and desires are flooding my mind. I can hardly wait to embark on my life.

Sunday morning no one wanted to go to church. Everyone had their own legitimate ailment. Normally I would have used this as an excuse to sleep in. But today, I looked forward to church. I arrived 20 minutes early and enjoyed the prelude music. I listened to the choir practice. I decided that it was time to start singing again. I remember when I loved to sing solos. I could always feel the spirit. Now, I struggle to sing, without crying. So for 3 years, I have not sung. I called the choir director, and will join the choir.

The lessons and speakers all had the perfect message. That night I chose to go to a fireside on the Atonement.

I am so grateful for Christ and his sacrifice. Through Andrew, I feel closer to Him. Andrew is passing on my hopes, fears, and dreams to Him, while reminding me that He is there for me, waiting for me to partake. With Him, I am becoming actively engaged in my life.

The flowers seem so bright today. I feel as though I can not take it all in. The beauty of the world is overwhelming.

I opened my window as I drift off to sleep. The crickets seem to be singing a lullaby just for me.

It is amazing to me that this world has been here for me, all of this time. Where have I been? Where I have been, has brought me to where I am now.

I am here, and I am ready.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I have been reading all the Easter blogs from all the other mothers today. I am staarting to feel really inadequate. All these amazing women who share how grateful they are for the resurrection and did all these beautiful easter traditions. And then I reflect on myself.

I was one of those people who loved holidays. I would sew themed halloween costumes for my kids and they would win contests. My poor kids didn't get to choose what they wanted to be. I would inform them, "This year we are doing the Wizard of OZ. Jessica, obviously you will be Dorothy. Andrew you will be the Tin man, Warner you will be the scarecrow. And Garrett, you will be the lion." The next year, "Poccahantis." The next year "Peanut's Gang." ETC.! My husband and boys think that all the silly decorations of holidays are useless and hide them from me. But I would always fight, and get my way, even if I have to hang the lights on the house myself. But not anymore. I seem to have lost my fight.

I always had this Christmas clock that would chime every hour with a different carol. I found out after christmas that it broke and was thrown away. I didn't even notice it was missing until January. I hung the lights on the house, but they didn't work and never bothered to figure out why. I've started just giving the kids the cash for Christmas, where I used to love shopping for the perfect gift. I have become lazy about it.

Saturday night about 10:00 I decided that I had better get a few pieces of candy for the kids for Easter in the morning. At least go through the motions. So I got the few things that were left at Wal-Mart. Only spent about $10, and they each got about 10 pieces of candy. Then they had to get 3 bingo's in conference bingo on Sunday before they could have their candy. It is as though holidays don't exhist in our house any more.

I just feel bad that I am not the same bubbly holiday person that I once was. Are my kids suffering, or do they even care? I dread holidays now. It feels like work and pressure. And the sad thing is, I thought I was in a different place. I thought I was doing so well. I guess how I handle holidays isn't the grand measure of how I am doing, but I want to be like all those other amazing angel moms.

Please don't get me wrong about Easter though. I am so grateful for Christ and His atoning sacrifice. I am so grateful that I will see my son again. I believe it is all true. I just don't feel like I have the energy to display it even though it is swelling in my heart.

So to any of you Angel moms out there that read this, You are my hero today! Thank you for being such a great example.