Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hidden Treasures

It is bitter sweet when I come across something that belonged to Andrew. I like to think of them as hidden treasures. Last week I was cleaning out my closet. Even though I knew it was there, it still caught me by surprise when I pulled out Andrew's backpack. I didn't remember that it was his until I opened it and saw his binders and papers. I looked inside, let the memories flood for a moment, then I zipped it back up and tucked it back to its resting spot in the back of the closet, next to the bag of clothes that Andrew was wearing when he had his accident.

Two nights ago I found another hidden treasure. In my drawer was Andrew's seminary journal. I had to chuckle because every so often there was an entry from the teacher telling Andrew to write more and have better recall. He also told him to stay alert at all times. This made me laugh because I can see him talking to his neighbors, goofing around, or just sleeping. Even with his lack of attention, on August 23, 2006, he wrote this:

"The Spirit world is here. Spirits of dead people hang around the earth. The kingdom of the Lord will protect you. If you never get married in the temple you will be a ministering angel to someone in your family that is righteous."

This was definitely a hidden treasure.


  1. What an amazing hidden treasure and I truly believe what he said is so true. Sometimes I just wish the veil would part for just a moment because I believe we would see that our boys are with us more than we can imagine. So glad the spirit world is here. Sending my love your way.
    Angel Wyatt's mommy

  2. Today I accidently stumbled across your blog sweetheart. It somehow had slipped my mind when you told me about it.
    As I read from the begining to the latest post, my eyes filled with tears, my chest heaved as I stumbled through our tear streaked experiences. I don't know how we made it through. But as you posted his journal entry I realized we succeded in teaching our boy the gospel of Jesus Christ. He who takes the sting out of death and breaks its powerful bands with the resurection given to all. I know our boy is hard at work and as we to work hard we will be united as an eternal family in Father in Heavens presense, in endless happiness and joy. I love and admire you my dear.